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It’s men’s responsibility to stop gender violence, and since men listen a bit more carefully when the message is spoken by other men, we need to challenge each other to do better.
— Chris Green OBE (President and Founder, White Ribbon UK)

Be a White Ribbon Ambassador and make a difference.

It's vital that we get men from all walks of life involved in spreading the White Ribbon message.

We need to end male violence against women, once and for all

Ambassadors at Bradford Teaching Hospitals

Ambassadors at Bradford Teaching Hospitals

We're playing our part to realise that vision, by engaging men in standing against abusive behaviour perpetrated by men against women. 

Agreeing with the principle is admirable, but not enough. We need men to become Ambassadors and take the message out there; to schools and colleges, workplaces and festivals; we need men to promote awareness of our principles, to recruit other men, to fund-raise, and generally help us change the world for the better

If you're a man over 18 years of age that wants to help us make a difference, please click the button below and become an ambassador.

Once we have received your application we will send out your introductory digital pack, including your e-learning link and comprehensive guidance on how you can help.

On completion of the online training you'll receive a certificate and an enamel Ambassador badge, followed by regular updates and opportunities in your local area where you can support the campaign.

***IMPORTANT: If you are not male, please sign up to become a champion instead***

Please note: There may be a slight delay in getting your ambassador badge during the 16 Days of Action.

The Ambassador Project has been funded by the DCMS to assist the campaign in engaging more men in challenging the attitudes and behaviours that this society gives rise to, ultimately leading to male violence against women in all its forms. The report on this project can be downloaded here.