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Be a White Ribbon Champion and make a difference.

The White Ribbon UK campaign encourages men to engage other men on the subject of violence.  Most violence is men against women, but it’s largely considered a womens’ issue. This needs to change. We need women to play an active role in this campaign, so we can ensure we are approaching the issue correctly and with sensitivity.


The majority of people working in domestic violence, social care, nursing and rape crisis are women. There are also a great number of women taking a stand to support the principles of White Ribbon UK.  Though the focus of our campaign is about men engaging men in the conversation, the work women do in this sector is invaluable.  White Ribbon champions encourage men and boys to participate in the global White Ribbon movement. By encouraging individuals, organisations, networks and communities to say ‘NO’ to violence against women, Champions inspire change and drive the campaign forward.

What we need from you

As a Champion, you will reach out to men and boys in your workplace, union, school, etc. You will look out for opportunities to inspire and inform; through presentations, conversations, social media etc. Your role is to encourage men and boys to step up, become active bystanders, and acknowledge that male violence against women is everyone’s issue. 

What support we offer

We will give you practical online training, an information pack including fact-sheets and awareness raising materials, and continuous support from our trained staff on how to deal with this sensitive issue.  We will help you understand how you can raise awareness about the campaign, and encourage others to get involved.  We will also put you in touch with campaigners in your area and nationwide.


If you are over 18 years of age, and define as any gender OTHER THAN MALE, and want to help us make a difference, please click the button below and become a Champion for White Ribbon UK.

Once we have received your application we will send out your introductory digital pack, including your e-learning link and comprehensive guidance on how you can help.

On completion of the online training you'll receive a certificate and an enamel Champion badge, followed by regular updates and opportunities in your local area where you can support the campaign.

***IMPORTANT: If you are male, please sign up to be an ambassador instead***

Please note: There may be a slight delay in getting your champion badge during the 16 Days of Action.