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Why Festival accreditation?

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  • Bring confidence to festival-goers that they will be attending a safer event, ensuring the culture of the festival is a positive and safe one.

  • Create a new industry standard in how festivals should work proactively with their audience and staff in how to identify potential situations, and provide support for the audience.

  • Raise awareness of the issue of male violence against women, and the urgent need for everyone to work together for this to change.

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In 2016, Dave Boardman, owner of Doddnaze Artists and Event Management, produced a special guide for festival organisers about reducing the risks of sexual assault and abuse at music events, as part of the White Ribbon Safer Venues Project, working closely with Safe Gigs 4 Women and Girls Against.  Click the link below to download:

What we expect from an accredited festival


  • Zero tolerance of harassment (including groping), and violence

  • Promotion prior to, and during the event, must display your White Ribbon UK accreditation

  • Awareness and disclosure tent on site (must include recognised counsellors and a mechanism for disclosure)

  • All security staff and stewards briefed according to White Ribbon UK guidelines

  • Operational support and advice for welfare and security providers

  • Ensure it is clear that there is a White Ribbon UK presence at your festival

  • At least 2 members of staff who are trained as White Ribbon UK ambassadors



  • White Ribbon Stand, staffed and managed by White Ribbon UK and our volunteers

  • Display White Ribbon UK emblem on entry wristbands

  • Display White Ribbon UK information on big screens


  • Peace of mind for festivalgoers: the white ribbon is a symbol of responsibility and awareness when it comes to the reality of violence against women. Displaying your White Ribbon Status in your branding and literature assures festival-goers that organisers and staff understand the issues and has their personal safety in mind throughout the festival experience.

  • Access to White Ribbon UK’s exhaustive library of materials and information, including training, template press releases and presentations.


  • Support from the White Ribbon main office to assist in the organisation’s strategy to eliminate male violence against women.


  • Accreditation is evidence that your festival is carrying out its Public Equality Duty for employees, according to the Equality Act 2010.


  • 10% off all White Ribbon merchandise.


  • Access to White Ribbon’s network of contacts, including individuals and organisations that are all committed to the White Ribbon core message.

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