Ideas for awareness-raising

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Set up a stall

Having a White Ribbon stall or stand at an event or at popular locations is a very effective way of raising awareness and asking men to take responsibility in ending male violence against women, and can be a place where people who are experiencing violence are able to find out where they can get support.

Wherever you choose to raise awareness - schools, sports clubs, shopping centres etc. - we have lots of resources available to help you make your stand a success.

Start a fundraising campaign

The important work we to in our mission to end male violence against women is made possible by the generous donations and fundraising efforts from volunteers across the country. We have fundraising packs available to help make your fundraising campaign a success, and lots of ideas for what you can do.



Use Social Media

Follow our hashtag #WhiteRibbonUK all year round to get campaign updates, information within the sector, and calls to action. We welcome opinion pieces, blogs and articles about the need for men to publicly stand against violence towards women. If you link to these on your social media outlets, using #WhiteRibbonUK

During White Ribbon Day, follow #WhiteRibbonDay and post about what you are doing to support the cause. This year we also have an additional hashtag for campaign efforts: #MakeThePromise.

Wear a White Ribbon every day

The easiest way to show your support for White Ribbon UK every day is to wear a white ribbon and make the promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.

Wearing a white ribbon is a great way to start a conversation about the work we do, and the importance of men standing up and taking responsibility in ending male violence against women.