Plan your Fundraising




Social Media Fundraiser

Use Facebook to raise funds for your birthday or other event


Sponsored activities

Our most popular fundraising methods are sponsored activities. These can be anything from a sponsored silence, to running a marathon!


Charity Football Match

Bring a competitive element into your fundraising by organising a charity football match or 5-a-side tournament. Each team pays to enter, with extra forfeits for anyone who’s given a red or yellow card. Spectators can join in the fun by holding a sweepstake to predict the winning team.


Rags to riches

Sell your unwanted clothes or items on e-Bay, or at a car boot sale, and use the money earned to boost your fundraising target.  You can also sell your old books on Amazon too. You will be surprised at the sorts of things that people are willing to buy!


Orange Yourself for a day

The UN’s End Violence Against Women colour is ORANGE. Add an orange theme to your fundraising by organising a dress-down day at work/college with everyone donating £1-2 to wear orange.