Manchester Music & Creative Industry Networking Event

As part of our Safer Music and Venues Programme, and in the run up to Sonder Festival (27th - 30th September), White Ribbon UK had a strong presence at the Networking event for MMCI this year. Our Chairperson, Brian Mitchell; and Projects Co-ordinator, Ikram Butt had a stall and spoke onstage about the work we do nationwide, the hard work our ambassadors do, and our presence at festivals and venues across the country.

Many pledged their support at the event, and a significant number of people showed an interest in becoming ambassadors for the campaign, including organisers of Sonder Festival. As we develop new opportunities for all types of venues and events to work with us and ally themselves with the ethos of the campaign, we look forward to the future. The work of these high profile individuals in the industry will no doubt help the campaign, and ultimately reduce male violence against women in these industries.

The prevalent culture of violence and sexism in the music industry must change, and this event brought us another step closer to doing that. 

Sonder Festival is an event organised with the help of White Ribbon UK. There will be a White Ribbon stage, as well as opportunities to talk to our ambassadors about the campaign and the work we do. It will be held on the weekend of 27th September this year, in various venues across Manchester. The White Ribbon Stage will open the festival at The Bread Shed venue, with a line-up consisting of mostly women (recognising the lack of women representation at festivals). Sign up for the event here.

Rotary international

Elland Rotary Club heard a presentation about the work of White Ribbon UK on 16th April, as well as making a donation to the campaign. Members asked how they can do more to help, and have offered to extend the work throughout the Rotary network. Rotarians attending shared their experiences of how Male violence against women and girls affects us all.

 Elland Rotary presenting a cheque after hearing about the activities of White Ribbon UK  from Chris Green OBE 

Elland Rotary presenting a cheque after hearing about the activities of White Ribbon UK  from Chris Green OBE 

UNISON South East Equality Conference

Chris Green ran two 1.5 hour workshops “White Ribbon and accreditation of the workplace” involving all the delegates of the UNISON South East Equality Conference held at UNISON headquarters in London on 19th April. Described as “powerful” on twitter after the event, the workshops were well received with interest in accreditation by Universities, Health authorities and  local authorities. “It was great to meet such enthusiasm and to meet some who have been working with White Ribbon for years “ said Chris. UNISON has always achieved great work around Equality issues and their workplace policy on Domestic Abuse is a great template for action. Having members who want to be White Ribbon Ambassadors and Champions and develop activities in their workplace is a great bonus for White Ribbon UK. Two additional UNISON staff (not part of the conference) came in to the workshop as they were captivated by the awareness raising materials they saw as they were passing. 


Activists at one of the Unison workshops 

Introducing White Ribbon UK's new Chief Executive: Anthea Sully


We are delighted to welcome our new CEO, Anthea Sully who has joined White Ribbon UK today. Beginning her career in performing arts Anthea became increasingly involved in campaigning and this led to further study in International Human Rights Law.

Anthea comes to us after having worked for a number of charities and voluntary organisations, most recently working with people with learning disabilities. She also has experience as a councillor and non executive director of an NHS Trust.

Anthea was born in Leeds and recently returned to her native Yorkshire having worked in Peterborough and London.

Anthea says, "I am really excited to be coming to White Ribbon UK at this time.  There is a great foundation to build on and this gives us the opportunity to grow and develop our work.  I am looking forward to working with everyone so that we continue to make a difference in ensuring that women and girls can live their lives free from male violence and abuse".

International Women's Day

As an organisation that endeavours to ally ourselves with the values of feminism, we see it as our duty as men to stand with women, to support the unequivocal need for equality, to recognise that we still live in a world where women are seen as second class citizens and that this must change if we are to see any progress concerning the values we at White Ribbon UK stand for, and indeed that of feminism as a whole.

There are many events taking place across the world for International Women’s day on Thursday 8th March this year.  We endeavour to attend as many as we possibly can to show our support, and ambassadors are encouraged to do the same.

Care International are holding March4Women this year on Sunday 4th March, and White Ribbon UK ambassadors are encouraged to be a part of it. Our President and Founder, Chris Green OBE was in attendance last year (pictured right). Our Sports Campaign Manager, Ikram Butt said, “Sportsmen are role models. The behaviour of one player in a team can destroy your chance of winning, and the behaviour of men in society can destroy lives. We, as men have a responsibility to discuss issues of equality with others, therefore I am proud to support White Ribbon UK and March4Women, and to work together for Respect and Equality.”

 White Ribbon UK founder, Chris Green OBE with Billy Bragg at the 2017 March4Women

White Ribbon UK founder, Chris Green OBE with Billy Bragg at the 2017 March4Women

On International Women’s Day itself, our founder and president, Chris Green will be speaking as part of a panel on “Jobs Without Gender” for Global Women In Business from 5pm at Hult Business School, 38 John Street, London, WC1. Reserve your place at

On the same day, a special event is being held at RBS Auditorium, in London. Entitled, “Moving towards gender equality”, the Nanak Naam charity event asks, does gender equality exist in our society today, and can spiritual wisdom challenge our current beliefs and revolutionise stereotypical gender roles?

White Ribbon UK Ambassador James Chesby will be speaking at the event about our involvement with understanding positive masculinity, and engaging men in the values of gender equality, particularly calling out male violence against women and girls.


White Ribbon UK were also hosting an event in Brussels on March 8th, on behalf of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group as part of International Women’s Day, looking at the importance of attitudes and language when countering gender based violence however, unfortunately this has had to be postponed. More details to follow when we have finalised the new date.

Newsletter: February 2018

In the wake of the 2018 Conference, the momentum has not diminished as our 500-strong nationwide ambassador team continue to put on events, attend panels and conferences and spread the message. This issue focuses on the success of the conference, our new World Cup campaign, Labour Local Government Conference, and International Women's Day.

White Ribbon Day In Pictures 2017

In celebration of our most successful White Ribbon Day ever, we have released a 48-page A4 paperback book, showcasing the events that happened across the nation during 2017's 16 Days Of Action.

Our 500-strong UK Ambassador team went above and beyond the call of duty, raising awareness and bringing about change. The events detailed in this book are at the forefront of the campaign, driving for change within communities. One day we hope to never have the need for stalls, events, safe spaces, initiatives, action plans and anti-violence strategies.  We’re not there yet, but as each year passes, the actions of our volunteers, accredited services, ambassadors and champions, brings us closer to a world without male violence against women.

Another world IS possible. And YOU are the reason we believe that.

Conference 2018 follow up

Our annual conference last Friday yielded many surprises, emotional conversations, new professional partnerships, ideas for fundraising/awareness, and a general atmosphere of optimistic desire for change. Over 130 delegates attended the event, including Local Councillors, Police & Crime Commissioners, Teachers, Students, Champions, and Ambassadors; bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, energy and ideas. We look forward to working with you all in the coming years, and to prove that Another World Is Possible, and that together we can end male violence against women and girls.

Special mention goes to our founder, Chris Steven Green OBE, who has been our acting CEO for the best part of a year. In an emotional speech towards the end of the conference, Trustee Chair, Brian Mitchell announced that we have appointed a new CEO; and due to his continuing efforts with White Ribbon UK, Chris was awarded the title of Honourary President of the campaign.