French Oscar stars wear White Ribbons

Paris, 2nd March

Film stars supporting #NowWeAct #MaintenantOnAgit wore white ribbons at the Cesar film awards in Paris. Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard were among the hundreds showing their support. 

The Academy cites the flood of allegations against Harvey Weinstein as the catalyst, which it calls the “denunciation of machismo and violence against women, actresses today are demanding action.”

“Many actors and actresses, producers and directors want to start a constructive, positive and concrete initiative in France to support women victims of violence,” the Academy said in announcing its partnership, and will offer the ribbons as a “simple and silent way to express solidarity” in the fight for equality.

The Academy also credits actresses for “piercing the wall of silence” after the allegations against Weinstein surfaced. “They paved the way. Millions of women around the world have echoed them,” it reads, adding: “We are convinced that tomorrow should not look like yesterday.”

"Now we act," it concludes. "Together, let's support those who work concretely so that no one ever has to say #MeToo again."