Nice N Sleazy Festival

White Ribbon UK had a heavy presence at the Nice & Sleazy Music Festival this year in Morecambe. The festival is best known for Punk & Ska music but has one of the most diverse demographic in any UK music festival with attendance averaging 1,500 people.

Our ambassadors, Brian Mitchell, John Bolton & Tony Saunders ran a campaign stall in the main area, while the band, The White Ribbons performed on both the main stage & marquee stage, receiving a massive response, for their charismatic approach to the campaign message. The influence that music & musicians can have on young people cannot be understated, especially at these sort of events. Ambassadors invariably find themselves engaging young people in important conversations about being positive role-models in a society and culture which normalises violence against women.

Band, The White Ribbons, at Nice N Sleazy Festival, Morcambe 2018, talking about Sophie Lancaster, the alternative community, and men calling out violent, bullying behaviour amongst their peers. The band spreads the White Ribbon UK message of equality and respect.

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