UNISON South East Equality Conference

Chris Green ran two 1.5 hour workshops “White Ribbon and accreditation of the workplace” involving all the delegates of the UNISON South East Equality Conference held at UNISON headquarters in London on 19th April. Described as “powerful” on twitter after the event, the workshops were well received with interest in accreditation by Universities, Health authorities and  local authorities. “It was great to meet such enthusiasm and to meet some who have been working with White Ribbon for years “ said Chris. UNISON has always achieved great work around Equality issues and their workplace policy on Domestic Abuse is a great template for action. Having members who want to be White Ribbon Ambassadors and Champions and develop activities in their workplace is a great bonus for White Ribbon UK. Two additional UNISON staff (not part of the conference) came in to the workshop as they were captivated by the awareness raising materials they saw as they were passing. 


Activists at one of the Unison workshops 

White Ribbon Conference 2018

Practical ways men can oppose
domestic abuse and violence against women

We our running our annual conference on Friday 2nd February 2018 at Bradford College. The event will consist of training, workshops, discussions and networking opportunities. Topics under discussion are as follows: 

  • He learns respect from you: teaching boys healthy relationships
  • How trade unions can mobilise men to act as agents of change in the workplace
  • Tackling honour based violence and forced marriage
  • Domestic abuse in the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Cuts to women's refuges and services and the forthcoming Domestic Violence Bill


In general the conference is about encouraging and enabling our Ambassadors, Champions and representatives from accredited organisations to network, receive training, get useful information and be inspired. Therefore the event is *INVITE ONLY*; however, if you feel that you might benefit from the meeting please call the office on 01422 886545 or e-mail

The event will conclude with a debate bringing together the key themes of the day with Naz Shah MP and a panel of representatives.
A final agenda will be circulated shortly but in the meantime, if you have received an invite, please RSVP as soon as possible to book your place. If you have any queries, please contact us.