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DCMS Project Report

"Ambassadors: Role Models For Change"

In September 2016 we received a significant grant from The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, to deliver the Role Models Project, "Enlisting Men to Challenge Male Violence Against Women". The project was developed to build on our previous success involving men and boys in challenging violence against women.


White Ribbon Day 2017

In celebration of our most successful White Ribbon Day so far, we have released an 48-page A4 paperback book, showcasing the events that happened across the nation during 2017's 16 Days Of Action.

Our 500-strong UK Ambassador team went above and beyond the call of duty, raising awareness and bringing about change. The events detailed in this book are at the forefront of the campaign, driving for change within communities. One day we hope to never have the need for stalls, events, safe spaces, initiatives, action plans and anti-violence strategies.  We’re not there yet, but as each year passes, the actions of our volunteers, accredited services, ambassadors and champions, brings us closer to a world without male violence against women.

Another world IS possible. And YOU are the reason we believe that.


Annual report 2017

2017 was a year of development and change for White Ribbon UK. We were able to fully develop our ambassadors programme, nearly doubling the number within the year.  This was supported by a new website, branding and name.  Our accreditation programme continued to gather momentum, with an increase in organisations seeking and becoming accredited.  Accredited organisations include local authorities, police forces and universities. 

We have maintained our important public policy influencing role, through our ongoing relationships with many MP’s and Councillors and the White Ribbon All Party Parliamentary Group.  In November a White Ribbon summit was held attended by MP’s, trades union leaders, and senior staff from women’s organisations.

The year saw us run specific campaigns that focused on music and sport, this included a cricket match a the Leicester County Cricket Club and attendance at the Bingley Music Live Festival.  We know that we are reaching thousands of people through these activities from the number of White Ribbon pledges that have been signed.

The work we do is vital. We call on all men to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women and girls.  We believe that its is only by men standing alongside women, listening and taking action that we will see an end to male violence against women once and for all.