Membership for Smaller Music Venues


Providing a safe place for patrons should be the number one priority of a venue. White Ribbon UK provides programmes for venues to ensure they are doing this, with special attention to avoiding violence against women and girls. Venues with a capacity of 300 or less can apply for membership; reducing the risk of violence with training briefs, policy guidelines, literature and awareness raising materials.

Making the public statement that you follow White Ribbon UK guidelines helps patrons feel safer, and reduces the likelihood of violent issues arising. This will increase footfall and improve your reputation in your local community.

Membership is free-of-charge and gives the venue affiliation with the campaign including a certificate, use of our logo and branding, and access to our e-learning. We provide members with policy guidelines, training briefs, appropriate signage and literature for use around the venue. We also provide ongoing support from our local ambassadors and office staff.

Participating venues are required to put on at least one fundraising and awareness event per year for White Ribbon UK.


Venue membership requires completing a simple action plan to follow our Venue Commitment:

  1. Make it clear that harassment, sexism, homophobia and transphobia will not be tolerated with a sign stating that perpetrators will be asked to leave (provided by White Ribbon UK).

  2. Involve the community by holding at least one local fundraising and awareness event each year (this covers the cost of membership).

  3. Ensure staff and stewards are educated on issues concerning violence against women and girls (drink spiking, groping etc.), as part of staff training.

  4. Display information about violence against women and girls at venue (provided by White Ribbon UK).

  5. Provide a simple way for patrons to report incidents of harassment and violence; and have clear policies in place for staff to assess and act accordingly.

  6. Highlight and commemorate White Ribbon Day on November 25th

  7. Encourage staff and customers to sign the White Ribbon UK pledge.