Fundraising tips


Fundraising can be exciting and extremely rewarding but we know it can also be rather challenging at times. Here are our top tips to help you prepare for your fundraising event.


1. Getting started

Create a sponsorship page

Set up your online sponsorship page as soon as possible and you can start raising money in a matter of minutes. Create your page

Personalise your page

Be sure to personalise your page with photos and say why you’re supporting White Ribbon UK to inspire people to give.

Set a target

Set your target to encourage more donations, you can always increase it once you start fundraising if you reach your target too quickly.

2. Start promoting

Once your page is good to go, spread the word on social media and email friends, family and colleagues.

Tell people who you’re fundraising for and why

If people know that their money can make a real difference to White Ribbon UK’s work, they will be more likely to sponsor you.

3. Take it further

Remember to Gift Aid it!

If you are a UK tax-payer, White Ribbon UK can claim 28% of your donation back.

Encourage your sponsors to tick the Gift Aid column on your JustGiving form.

Fundraising at work

If it’s OK with your employer, add the link to your sponsorship page to your email signature and invite your colleagues to sponsor you.

Get your employer involved

Companies will often match employee fundraising up to a certain amount. They could either donate a fixed amount towards your target or match the amount you’ve raised.  Just imagine – doubling your money for no extra effort!

Get the local media involved

Contact your local paper, radio or TV station with your story. The more coverage you get, the more people know what you’re doing and the more people will sponsor you!

If you wish to use the White Ribbon UK name or logos in any materials associated with your event or in the local press, we would ask you to please make sure you also display our registered charity number 1123874 and to send us a copy of any materials or press releases to the contact details below for our approval before they go to print.


White Ribbon House

1 New Road


West Yorkshire


4. After the event

Collect any outstanding donations and report back to your donors

Thank everyone for their support, tell them how you got on and how much money you raised.

Pay in your money

Ensure your event is completed on JustGiving, so the funds you have raised end up with us.

Legal information

Fundraising is all about having fun and raising money, but it’s also subject to laws and legislation. Please read the information bellow and if you have any questions then please contact us.

  • You cannot collect funds for your event through house-to-house or pub-to-pub collections, or street collection without a licence. Any fundraising tins, buckets or boxes at events and stalls must be static and left on a flat surface. Members of the public must not be made to feel pressured into make donations in this setting.

  • When raising money for an overseas challenge, you will need to state when telling people about the event and in writing on any promotional material, fundraising pages etc. if a portion of the money raised will be spent on the cost of the challenge.

  • If you choose to hold a raffle you will need to ensure that it’s legal, you will need to either sell the tickets and hold the draw on the night or, if you want to sell tickets in advance, make sure it’s a free prize draw. This means that you can’t demand payment for a ticket. Instead, state a suggested donation.

  • Anyone raising money must ensure that White Ribbon UK receives all that money.

  • All fundraising is done ‘in aid of’ White Ribbon UK. We will not accept any responsibility or liability for these events.