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Here in the UK, despite some very powerful opposition, we have a very proud tradition of strong, principled trade unions. At White Ribbon UK we see it as vital and appropriate that unions engage actively in promoting the White Ribbon message as part of their remit to stand up for workers’ rights. Much as we might dearly wish it to be otherwise, there‘s a persistent male-dominated inequality in how women are treated in the workplace; sexism, bullying and abuse of women are worryingly prevalent. So we’re calling upon men to take a stand against it, and to change workplaces for the better.

We believe that men can lead by example and demonstrate solidarity, awareness and respect to their colleagues.

What you can do

Ensure there are procedures in place with your employer that apply to women experiencing violence, bullying and harassment. These should include clear signposting for help, special leave arrangements and a confidentiality clause. Your national union will be able to help with this.

Contact White Ribbon UK for information on how your trade union branch or workplace can become White Ribbon accredited, and encourage male union members to become White Ribbon Ambassadors.

How we can help

We can provide trade union branch training and literature on White Ribbon campaigning. An information pack is available with fact-sheets and guidance for trade unions through our website, along with awareness raising materials such as posters and badge pins. We also offer continuous support from White Ribbon staff and your local ambassadors whenever it is needed, on sensitive issues and campaign assistance.


Apply for accreditation

Applying for trade union accreditation with White Ribbon UK is easy.  Just e-mail and we will send you all the information you need.