Family activity


This activity is a fun and practical way for people of all ages to demonstrate that they understand the need not to be violent, and to affirm their commitment to live their lives violence-free.

It is especially good for young children who may not fully comprehend the way White Ribbon UK disseminate these messages.

What you will need:

  • Small sponges

  • Finger paints

  • Plastic trays/bowls for paints

  • A large piece of white fabric

  • Wet-wipes

  • Marker pens


What you can achieve:

  • Personal affirmations not to be violent

  • Creates a fun atmosphere for all ages and families

  • Develop a permanent display to raise awareness



  • Dip the sponges in the finger paint and cover hands

Tip: rolling the hand slightly gives a better imprint on the banner

  • Get them to make their mark on the banner!

  • Clean hands using wet wipes

  • They can use a marker pen to write their name and a short message

  • Ensure they understand what this action means

  • If parents/guardians are present, give them a leaflet


Once you’ve finished with the activity, allow the fabric to dry.

Find a public place to hang it up to display the work you or your organisation has done with young people to ensure they understand our message of anti-violence.