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Gaining White Ribbon Accreditation helps your organisation to:

  • Drive social change to strengthen gender equality and stop violence against women

  • improve organisational culture, safety and morale

  • increase knowledge and skills of staff to address violence against women

  • improve reputation

  • improve customer and stakeholder experience

  • become an employer of choice

If we want to see change, we need to mobilise large numbers. We need to reach music venues, sports clubs, universities. Celebrities speaking out is great, but we want police officers, bus drivers, the whole community to embrace our values.
— Chris Green OBE (President and Founder, White Ribbon UK)
Metropolitan Police Service receiving White Ribbon Accreditation

Metropolitan Police Service receiving White Ribbon Accreditation

What is it?

White Ribbon Accreditation enables a whole organisation to demonstrate its commitment to stop violence against women. To achieve accreditation each organisation is required to develop a comprehensive action plan. By meeting the criteria you are showing that you are taking active steps to stop violence against women.

All organisations, large or small can become White Ribbon Accredited.  Examples of organisations who have already achieved accreditation include councils, police and fire services, schools and universities, sports clubs and venues.

How does it work?

Your action plan enables you to build on existing gender equality and diversity initiatives, identify where there are gaps and how you will fill them, strengthening a culture of respect and gender equality at all levels of your organisation.  You will be ensuring that your organisation shows strategic leadership; is working towards changing culture, raising awareness, and engaging with men and boys in ending male violence against women. You will be able to show how you respond to and prevent violence against women, whether it occurs inside or outside the organisation, support women experiencing violence, hold perpetrators to account, support all employees to challenge inappropriate behaviour and strengthen gender equality within the wider community.

White Ribbon Accreditation entitles your organisations to use of White Ribbon branding on official documents and signage, regular communications and information from White Ribbon, the ability to participate in White Ribbon events and you will become part of the network of other accredited organisations where good practice and resources can be shared. For public bodies accreditation is evidence that an organisation is carrying out its Public Equality Duty for employees, members and service users according to the Equality Act 2010.


White Ribbon UK’s team will work with your organisation to support you through the accreditation process.

There are more than a hundred accredited organisations nationally


Why become White Ribbon Accredited?

Equity Trade Union

Equity Trade Union

Violence against women, whether it occurs directly within, or outside, an organisation is a serious prevalent and preventable issue. There is an impact on the health and safety of employees, their well-being and their productivity.  It impacts negatively on workplace culture, organisational reputation and bottom-line profit and loss.  Outward facing organisations can also make a significant difference in the way in which they relate to their customers and stakeholders.

The Workplace Accreditation supports organisations in changing organisational culture, policies and procedures and equipping staff with the knowledge and skills to address the issue of violence against women, both within the workplace and broader community. Accredited organisations can demonstrate strategic leadership, resource allocation, communication, HR policy development and training.  Accreditation lasts for 3 years, evidencing an ongoing, sustainable commitment to the prevention of violence against women.


Awareness-raising ideas for your workplace: