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Male violence towards women is shockingly prevalent, and we can only change society by promoting a message of respect and tolerance, and leading by example.

Public sector organisations, large and small, can achieve so much more than individuals can alone.

White Ribbon provides a comprehensive action plan for organisations to effectively marshal their resources and personnel to challenge male violence against women and make a genuine difference.

The action plan is concise and wide-ranging and offers achievable goals for organisations to reach in order to bring about genuine change. Once an organisation can demonstrate a commitment to this plan, it becomes eligible for the White Ribbon Award.


What is 'White Ribbon Status'?

White Ribbon Status is an official White Ribbon accreditation that entitles an organisation to White Ribbon training and campaigning guidance, use of White Ribbon branding on official documents and signage, and exclusive access to a network of other accredited organisations to promote fundraising, awareness and events.

The cost of application to become a White Ribbon Authority is £500 for two years of accreditation.

An optional White Ribbon Award plaque can also be ordered from us upon request, the cost of which is £150.

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Apply for accreditation

Any public-facing organisation can and should apply for White Ribbon accreditation; councils, local authorities, police and fire services, schools and universities, sports clubs and venues - these are all examples of organisations who are eligible for the White Ribbon Award programme.

Applying for accreditation with White Ribbon UK is easy.  Just download your action plan, fill it in; then e-mail it back to us at info@whiteribbon.org.uk.


  • White Ribbon accredited organisations are awarded a certificate or glass plaque as public recognition of their commitment to ending male violence against women. They will also be permitted to use the White Ribbon logo and branding on signage, posters and promotional material.


  • Access to White Ribbon UK’s exhaustive library of materials and information, including training, template press releases and presentations.


  • Support from the White Ribbon main office to assist in the organisation’s strategy to eliminate male violence against women.


  • Accreditation is evidence that an organisation is carrying out its Public Equality Duty for employees, members and service users according to the Equality Act 2010.


  • 10% off all White Ribbon merchandise.


  • Access to White Ribbon’s network of contacts, including individuals and organisations that are all committed to the White Ribbon core message.


Download Action Plan:

Select your organisation and your download should begin.

Please fill in the action plan and e-mail it to info@whiteribbon.org.uk

Smaller Music Venues

We also have membership options for some smaller organisations:

If you cannot find your organisation here, please e-mail us at info@whiteribbon.org.uk and we will work with you to develop an action plan.

White Ribbon Day

November 25th is White Ribbon Day. On this day each year, we aim to raise awareness and encourage men to show their support for women experiencing violence. 

This demonstration of solidarity will also encourage men to think about their own behaviour and, if necessary, seek help to change.

Spreading the word

With large networks of good people proactively trying to make a difference, public sector organisations are uniquely placed to help promote the White Ribbon message. There’s so much organisations can do to engage your members and make
November 25th have a real impact in workplaces across the UK and, by extension, the world.

Create a buzz

Organising high-profile activities on and around White Ribbon Day is a great way to engage communities proactively in an organisation’s commitment to the White Ribbon cause.

White Ribbon can help your organisation plan events that will be excellent for raising funds and awareness, be that fun days, sporting events, sponsored walks, live music events, or education days.

Community involvement

As part of the action plan, many of our accredited organisations are expected to engage with other local organisations on how they can inform men about violence against women and girls, and encourage them to challenge it:

Music Venues

Local music venues are an important part of our communities. There fore we encourage our accredited organisations to work with venues and encourage them to achieve White Ribbon Status.

Lower levels of violence in venues helps improve footfall and community safety.  White Ribbon UK’s Safer Music and Venues project helps venues achieve this goal, with guidelines, training and literature.

As a public sector accreditation, this can also help communities achieve ATCM Purple Flag status.

Sports Clubs

Sporting clubs and venues are obviously in an ideal position to promote healthy masculinity and promote the White Ribbon message. Many of our accredited organisations work with their local sports clubs to achieve White Ribbon Status. For this type of accreditation, we place an even greater emphasis on endorsement at every level of the club, sending a clear message to players, members and fans that male violence and bullying against women will not be tolerated.

Ambassadors and champions

As part of an organisation’s White Ribbon accreditation action plan, it is expected that they will recruit White Ribbon Ambassadors and Champions from within, be that staff, officers, students, members or service users.

White Ribbon Ambassadors are men from all walks of life who are willing to engage and encourage other men to stand up against male violence towards women. They exist to inspire and lead by example, actively promoting gender equality and the White Ribbon

Ambassadors are the heart of White Ribbon’s work in the UK and we’ve already built a strong network of good men engaging their friends, family, colleagues and peers.

Champions are our strong network of women who work with us to spread the message, and ensure we are approaching the subject of male violence against women with sensitivity.

Though our aim is to engage men, involving women in the campaign is essential for 2 reasons: 

1. Most of the work in UK front line services, refuges counselling etc., is done by women. Since we started this campaign, women have wanted to help us to engage men. 

2. The campaign is about engaging men in taking action against violence towards women and girls. It is not about men ‘riding in to save the day’. Men must ASK how best to approach this subject, LISTEN to the response, then ACT accordingly.