music venues and festivals

safer places for women

Groping, sexual harassment and assault is not often reported but it is happening at gigs, concerts and festivals.

More than a third of young women and girls at festivals have experienced sexual assault. White Ribbon UK is working with a number of music venues to ensure they are creating a safe environment for women where sexual harassment, abuse and assault will not be tolerated.  Our accreditation programmes enables venues and festivals to make a public commitment that they are taking action to make their events safer for women.

Our five point plan for venues and festivals

  1. Acknowledge there is a problem

  2. Raise awareness that you are taking action, such as staff wearing White Ribbons

  3. Get specialist staff training.

  4. Devise and implement clear policies and procedures.

  5. Work towards culture change.

White Ribbon can support you in taking these steps and we have a range of materials including posters, beer mats and lanyards that you can use to raise awareness.

Awareness-raising materials for venues and events