'Upskirting' law drafted

Despite controversial blocking from some MPs, the bill to introduce laws against unconsenting images such as 'upskirt' pictures being taken has been drafted and submitted to Parliament today.

The government has confirmed it plans to introduce legislation to ban upskirting after a Conservative backbencher was berated by party colleagues for blocking a bill to make the practice a specific criminal offence.

Festivalgoer Gina Martin, victim of 'upskirting'.

Festivalgoer Gina Martin, victim of 'upskirting'.

With this ban assuredly coming into action after a positive online campaign from many (including Gina Martin, a victim of 'upskirting' - campaign video below), White Ribbon UK is asking social media companies to take the lead and ban all unconsenting images altogether.

Chris Green OBE, Founder and President of White Ribbon UK said, "Large social media organisations such as twitter have a responsibility to stand with women. White Ribbon UK urges social networking sites to take the lead in respecting women's privacy and acknowledging the importance of consent by blocking unconsented images such as 'upskirting' etc.".