F.C. Nomads lead the way for White Ribbon UK

We are delighted that Flintshire grassroots football team F.C. Nomads have announced their new kit, featuring white ribbons, sponsored by the Carl Sargeant Memorial Fund. F.C. Nomads have already been leading the way with their commitment towards White Ribbon UK, and this is another important step.

FC Nomads Photo.jpeg

The football club also announced that they would sell white ribbons at their clubhouse. This has proved extremely successful, with over £200 being raised. The club have decided to reinvest the money in the campaign by buying more white ribbon pin badges for sale, and for banners to be located at their stadium to raise awareness of the issue.

This is another reminder that we should never commit, excuse or remain silence about male violence against women. Together we will end male violence against women. From local activists to policy makers, we all have an obligation to play our part.