White Ribbon UK represented at World Forum for Democracy

On International Men’s Day last year, the World Forum for Democracy heard from various speakers on a number of events. Our President, Chris Green OBE attended and gave a talk on what men can do to challenge the cultures that give rise to male violence against women internationally and here in the UK.

Open Democracy recently wrote about the Forum and Chris’s involvement which can be viewed here.

It’s men’s responsibility to stop gender violence, and since men listen a bit more carefully when the message is spoken by other men, we need to challenge each other to do better.

If we want to see change, we need to mobilise large numbers. We need to reach music venues, sports clubs, universities. Celebrities speaking out is great, but we want police officers, bus drivers, the whole community to embrace our values. It’s baby steps.

Chris Green OBE (President and Founder, White Ribbon UK)