David Tennant speaks on behalf of White Ribbon UK ambassador


David Tennant (actor, Broadchurch, Doctor Who) spoke at Care International’s March4Women last weekend in London.

Wearing a white ribbon, Tennant read out a testimony from White Ribbon ambassador, John Clough.

John started the Justice for Jane campaign after his daughter was murdered by her ex-partner.

John’s words are heartfelt, moving, but above all motivate us as a campaign to do more in our work against violence towards women:

Since Jane’s death, I have actively campaigned for change in the Criminal Justice System…

Together we have continued to be a voice for victims. For victims like my daughter, Jane. My daughter had so much love to give. Not just to us as her family, and her own child, my granddaughter. But to someone who would treat her with respect, and allow her to shine in her own right.

Every girl, every woman deserves that respect.

(Excerpt from John Clough’s testimonial, read by David Tennant at March4Women 2019)

John says he embraces the values that White Ribbon UK holds - to end all violence against women, once and for all. And shares the belief that men and boys must join this critical conversation, and be a vital part of the solution.

As ambassadors for ending the violence, and indeed as men, we must hear these words as a call to action. To no longer allow violence against women to be seen as a ‘women’s issue’. This is everyone’s issue and if we are to have any hope of creating a safer world for women, we must do this together; and with conviction.