The new White Ribbon Youth Advocate programme has been launched ahead of White Ribbon Day 2019.

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Youth Advocates are people aged 14-18, who act as role models amongst their friends and support White Ribbon UK’s work to end male violence against women. We know that it is essential that we engage with young people – particularly boys. Young people are constantly bombarded with messages every day in our society that promote sexist ideologies which are harmful growing up and later in life.

The White Ribbon Youth Advocate Programme aims to stand in the way of that process, so that boys learn that certain behaviours, language and attitudes are unacceptable. We want to ensure that boys will grow into men who challenge their own behaviour, are aware of the importance of being active bystanders, and of their responsibility to create real change.

Gwent Police Cadets participating in the Youth Advocate Programme

Gwent Police Cadets participating in the Youth Advocate Programme


The Youth Advocate Programme is a resource that is available for young people’s organisations such as sports clubs, cadets, schools and colleges to raise awareness of male violence against women and to change culture. The resources include an interactive session that challenges conventional ideas of masculinity, introduces the White Ribbon promise, and offers the chance to become a White Ribbon Youth Advocate. Organisations have to register to participate in the Youth Advocate Programme, confirming that they have support in place for youth advocates that they recruit. Becoming a youth advocate requires attending the interactive session and completing an online training course. We expect all White Ribbon Youth Advocates to get at least 25 boys and men to make the White Ribbon promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.


Order your A1 ‘Promise’ poster

so that attendees can show they have made the promise:

A1 signable 'Promise' poster

Our Promise poster can be mounted on the wall in your workplace, school, college, university - anywhere. Using metallic or white pens, the poster can be signed by all who make the promise.

Ensure each signee makes their promise count by directing them to the online promise form.

These A1-size posters are printed on very thick and high quality plastic-coated card. Pens are not included.

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