Behind Closed Doors

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and The Global Sex Trade published the results of its Inquiry  into Organised Sexual Exploitation in England and Wales on May 21st . 

Speakers included Gavin Shuker MP Jess Phillips MP,  Will Quince MP, the Chair of the Scottish…

International Day against Homophobia Transphobia and Biphobia

International Day against Homophobia Transphobia and Biphobia

Today is the International Day against Homophobia Transphobia and Biphobia. As a member of the Commonwealth, the UK should be taking a lead to promote the importance of allying ourselves with the LGBTQ+ community and taking a stand against hate. Many commonwealth countries still have anti-gay laws and attitudes - 72 countries still have criminal laws against same sex relationships…

Refugee White Ribbon Badges

Today we received 5,000 Refugees are Welcome White Ribbon badges . The reason we’ve done this is because according to the UN, “Female refugees across the world are highly vulnerable to all forms of sexual and physical violence. In addition to the dangers women face from contesting armed groups, once on the move from the conflict zone, they are also at risk of being brutalised by human traffickers or even border security forces. Even after exiting the conflict zone, safety can be elusive. Staying in a refugee camp within the country of origin or seeking protection elsewhere brings serious threats to women’s security, freedom and health.” Source - Protecting Female Refugees against Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Camps UNU 2015.

Visit our shop to purchase the new badges and awareness raising materials. Bulk options are available.

HULT Business School

London, 8th March  

Students and Staff at HULT Business School invited White Ribbon UK to be on a panel at a Global Women in Business event “Jobs without Gender” for International Women’s Day. Students at the event were motivated to do more work with White Ribbon, and the event has resulted in an ongoing relationship with the Business School. 


French Oscar stars wear White Ribbons

Paris, 2nd March

Film stars supporting #NowWeAct #MaintenantOnAgit wore white ribbons at the Cesar film awards in Paris. Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard were among the hundreds showing their support. 

The Academy cites the flood of allegations against Harvey Weinstein as the catalyst, which it calls the “denunciation of machismo and violence against women, actresses today are demanding action.”

“Many actors and actresses, producers and directors want to start a constructive, positive and concrete initiative in France to support women victims of violence,” the Academy said in announcing its partnership, and will offer the ribbons as a “simple and silent way to express solidarity” in the fight for equality.

The Academy also credits actresses for “piercing the wall of silence” after the allegations against Weinstein surfaced. “They paved the way. Millions of women around the world have echoed them,” it reads, adding: “We are convinced that tomorrow should not look like yesterday.”

"Now we act," it concludes. "Together, let's support those who work concretely so that no one ever has to say #MeToo again."


Manchester Music & Creative Industry Networking Event

As part of our Safer Music and Venues Programme, and in the run up to Sonder Festival (27th - 30th September), White Ribbon UK had a strong presence at the Networking event for MMCI this year. Our Chairperson, Brian Mitchell; and Projects Co-ordinator, Ikram Butt had a stall and spoke onstage about the work we do nationwide, the hard work our ambassadors do, and our presence at festivals and venues across the country.

Many pledged their support at the event, and a significant number of people showed an interest in becoming ambassadors for the campaign, including organisers of Sonder Festival. As we develop new opportunities for all types of venues and events to work with us and ally themselves with the ethos of the campaign, we look forward to the future. The work of these high profile individuals in the industry will no doubt help the campaign, and ultimately reduce male violence against women in these industries.

The prevalent culture of violence and sexism in the music industry must change, and this event brought us another step closer to doing that. 

Sonder Festival is an event organised with the help of White Ribbon UK. There will be a White Ribbon stage, as well as opportunities to talk to our ambassadors about the campaign and the work we do. It will be held on the weekend of 27th September this year, in various venues across Manchester. The White Ribbon Stage will open the festival at The Bread Shed venue, with a line-up consisting of mostly women (recognising the lack of women representation at festivals). Sign up for the event here.